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What is our mission?

  • We believe that every girl should have access to safe, comfortable products and resources needed to manage her period.

  • We believe that no girl should miss out on an education or any aspect of life because they are unable to afford period products.

  • We believe that period products should also be environmentally friendly and not toxic to health.

Are reusable pads safe?

Reusable sanitary pads are arguably healthier, cleaner and safer than disposable pads. Soft and gentle materials are used to make these pads to ensure comfort and prevent unpleasant smells in the private area.

How do I use them?

  • Wash your reusable pad before first use.

  • Wear the grey bamboo charcoal side next to your body and the pattern side against your underwear.

  • Wrap around your underwear, and pop the buttons pop together to secure.

  • Use your reusable pads daily for the same amount of time as you would a normal disposable pad, change as needed.

  • If you’re out and need to change your pad, simply fold the pad and reseal with the buttons then pop into your wet-bag to keep them safe.

reusable pad illustration.png

How do I take care of them?

  • Handwashing your reusable pads:

    • Rinse your reusable pad in cold running water to remove most of the blood.

    • Soak very briefly in cool water for about 5 minutes before washing.

    • Wash  with a little soap and water.

    • When scrubbing, lift top layers away from the nylon shield (bottom layer) and scrub the top layers with the same action you would to wash out your underwear. The waterproof nylon layer is what makes pads leak-resistant, so take care to treat it gently.

    • Store in a clean dry place.

    • DO NOT USE BLEACH. It will damage the waterproof material and significantly reduce the lifespan of your reusable pad.


    • DO NOT SOAK FOR HOURS. This can make them mildewy, musty and retain an odour.

    • DO NOT store them in plastic bags for a long time.

  • Drying your reusable pads:

    • After they’ve been gently rinsed, stretch each side of the pad to the opposite direction to re-shape.

    • Air drying is recommended – sunlight acts as a natural sterilizer.

  • Storing your reusable pads:

  • All packs come with a matching wet-bag, which can be used to store your spare pads, or to keep any used pads tucked away when you’re out and about. Remember to let your pads air dry completely before storing them.

How long can I use my reusable pads?

If well taken care of, your reusable pad will last for 2-4 years. Stop using when you notice any damage or tears to avoid leaks.

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