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Education is the transformative force for freedom for women and girls globally. Investing in the education of disadvantaged girls is not only a moral imperative, but it also makes economic sense. Studies have shown that educating girls has a significant impact on national economic growth and development. 

With respect to Period Poverty, as a result of the continued stigmatization, conversations around Period Poverty are still heavy guarded, leaving many girls unequipped with the information needed to successfully manage their periods. 


In line with our mission to challenge the inequalities associated with period poverty all our campaigns and community outreaches always include a 1-hour educative session where the girls are introduced to sustainable period management products, taught how to take care of themselves and their hygiene during their periods, and educated on various menstrual health issues.

Additionally, each girl walks away with an informational booklet which includes answers to the most frequently asked questions on period poverty 

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