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Menstrual Hygeine Drive

May 2023

In celebration of World Menstrual Hygiene Day (28th May), Safety for Every Girl organized a Menstrual Hygiene Drive at Bright Achiever’s School School, a free slum school project for disadvantaged children in the Isale Akoka area of Ilaje Bariga, Lagos. 

Founded by Footprints of David, Bright Achievers School is a community-based art foundation dedicated to helping disadvantaged children through art, education, social empowerment, and advocacy. In addition to a 1-hour educative session with the ladies, a total of 148 girls  received a period kit containing:-

  • 3 day-time reusable pads

  • 2 night-time reusable pads

  • 1 wet bag for carrying used products

  • Cotton panties

  • Laundry soap

  • 1 educational pamphlet.

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